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How to Draw a Person Laying Down – Time Lapse

Want to draw this person – watch the narrated version – https://youtu.be/iNiGQALp758
MATERIALS: Staedtler Pencil 2B, Derwent-Artists -Pencil Ivory Black
This is a drawing of a person relaxing lying down on the ground and should be easy to draw. This is the time lapse version that demonstrates the process of drawing this figure lying down. If you want to draw along with me watch the narrated version -details above. Starting from a simple circle for the head and a simple sketch of the shoulders, we use this to measure the rest of the body. Once the proportions have been worked out the basic shapes of the relaxed figure are drawn in. Once the basic shapes are completed and proportions checked, a more complex outline including folds is drawn. Lots of sweeping lines create folds in the persons tee shirt and trousers, simply because it is the easiest way to draw them. With the outline completed, I apply light and shade and explain how to create a range of tones by varying the pressure on the Derwent Ivory Black pencil. This art tutorial is a great way to watch a drawing from the initial marks to the finished drawing.
MUSIC supplied by YouTube
PENCILS: https://artdiscount.co.uk
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